Price list

Rate for renting the entire Residence for up to 10 persons from 1 April 2024 for a minimum of two nights:
– two weeknights from Sunday through Thursday 2,800 PLN (VAT included)
– two nights from Friday through Sunday 3,880 PLN (VAT included)
Additional third night at the special rate of 1,080 PLN (VAT included

Banquet hall rental rate:
If the reception or dinner in the castle uses catering services individually arranged and paid for by the customer, then the banquet hall rental price is based on the number of participants in the meeting.

Rent a banquet hall in our castle for your event!
with your own catering service or one recommended by us
50 PLN per person: Monday – Thursday
60 PLN per person: Friday – Sunday

Terms and Conditions

Due to fire safety regulations, no electric or gas-powered instruments or appliances (other than those provided) capable of producing a fire hazard, e.g. electric heaters, heaters, gas burners, may be used on the premises. It is forbidden to bring flammable materials, explosives or materials with an unpleasant smell into the premises.
Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises. In the event of non-compliance, guests are required to pay a fee of 1,000 PLN.
At the time of handing the keys, the person who lets in the guests will instruct them on the operation of the alarm and selected electric devices that are provided with the premises. This is also the time to become familiar with the technical condition and the quantity of both the premises and the devices contained therein (introduction protocol.)
Failure to submit comments and reservations about the technical condition at the time of entry into the premises shall be tantamount to having the premises put into service in a state which raises no comments or reservations of the guest.
The guest shall use the premises and its facilities and equipment in accordance with their intended purpose and shall look after their proper technical and sanitary condition.
Staff may not enter the rented premises without the permission of the guest, and even more so to move his personal property. The right to enter the rented property is reserved only should any risks to the guests’ safety be noticed or should the guests fail to comply with the Terms and Conditions.
While on the premises, parents or guardians are responsible for children and young people up to the age of 18.
Quiet hours begin at 10 PM and end at 7 AM. In the event of disturbing quiet hours or loud behaviour during the day, the owners of the premises are entitled to call the police or security at the expense of guests who do not respond to requests to change their behaviour.
Third persons may not be present on the premises without the owner’s permission. If the Guest has obtained said permission, third persons’ presence is only allowed until 9 PM.
The owner allows pet animals to stay on the premises.
We do not provide any service during the stay, including cleaning of the premises. Cleaning of the premises upon request of the guests during the stay is subject to an additional charge.
Waste on the premises must be separated. Before departure, take the waste and recyclables to the respective containers provided outside the building.
Items left by the guest on the premises after departure will be sent back to the address specified by the guest at the guest’s expense. If the guest does not indicate the address to which the items left are to be sent back or if the guest does not pick them up in person within 3 days of the date of departure, staff will handle the items in accordance with legal provisions on lost or found property.
Every time when leaving the premises, the Guest must lock up the building and completely extinguish the fire in the fire place.
When entering or exiting, close the main entrance door. Leaving personal effects in common spaces such as corridors on one’s own responsibility only.
It is not allowed to remove items from the room that belong on the premises (e.g. towels, pillows, appliances, plates, etc.).
The rented premises should be left in the same condition as on the day of arrival according to the introduction protocol. A guest who deliberately or by accident damages any equipment or furnishings belonging to the premises is obligated to pay the costs incurred in full.
On the day of departure, the guest is obligated make the rented facility available to the designated staff member in order to check the condition of the accommodation.
If the employee finds the property to be damaged or its equipment or furnishings incomplete, a report is drawn up, a copy of which is also provided to the Guest.
The Guest must pay for any loss arising from improper use of the premises immediately or up to 7 days after the end of the stay.
Where the Guest exercises his insurance policy in order to cover losses, the Landlord undertakes to refrain from further recovery until the indemnification proceedings have ended.
Any claims for damage that may have been verified upon handing over the premises to the staff will, in the event of the good will of both parties, be settled amicably or, if other possibilities are exhausted, by judicial means.
During the stay, we offer guests the possibility of using wood-fired fireplaces located in the entrance gate, in the upper Castle and in the chambers. Use of the fireplace is only permitted in the manner indicated by the Landlord. The guest must observe the fire safety regulations (in particular: the fireplace must not be left unattended, fire safety instructions are in place) and be liable for any damage caused to the building and its premises during the rental period, due to his fault or to the lack of caution in the use of the fireplace indicated by the Landlord. The guest is fully responsible for the proper kindling and extinguishing of the fireplace and the safe maintenance of the fire.
The Landlord shall not be liable for personal injury, damage to health or other damage caused by an accident resulting from the improper use of the fireplace by the guest and persons designated by him as being present with him during the rental period.
The Landlord declares that an axe (sharp tool) is made available to the Tenant on the premises in order to cut wood. The Landlord shall not be liable for personal injury, damage to health or other damage caused by an accident resulting from the use of the above-mentioned axe, particularly due to its improper use, without due care or the use by minors under the care of the adult responsible for them.
The Landlord shall not be liable for personal injury or damage to health resulting from the use of the premises by the Tenant and the persons designated by the Tenant as being present with him during the lease period, as a result of an accident.
Korzkiew 27 May 2020